Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WBC CDC Welcomes New Americorps NCCC Team

As of July 20th, there are several new smiling faces to be seen in the WBC Community Development Center. They belong to Wolf 2, the new Americorps team to be stationed in the area.

This team will be working in WWFF-BOC through September 18, and they have a lot to accomplish in those two months. They will be helping to rehabilitate 3917 Fairview, a vacant house that Wolf 2 is working hard to turn into a home.

The house, which has been sitting untouched for almost a decade, is due for a facelift. The front yard is choked with weeds, while the back is buried under trash and debris. The doors and windows are boarded, paint is flaking from the wood, and ivy is creeping up the walls. Team Leader Peter Czarkowski, however, remains confident that Wolf 2 can help. "The house needs a lot of work," says Czarkowski, "but we hope to make a big dent in it by September."

Other tasks the team will be tackling include continuing the work that the previous Americorps team, Raven 2, began on the Peace Garden; maintaining the "Rise Up Pick Up" campaign by helping to eliminate litter in the neighborhood; and planning a community day on August 8th.

If you would like to meet the team, feel free to join Wayland Baptist Church on Sunday, July 26th, when they will be introduced to the community. You can also drive by the Peace Garden most days and lend a helping hand!

Gretchen Sneegas

Media Representative, Class XV, Wolf 2

Americorps NCCC


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