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WBC CDC Newsletter May- Sept. 2011

Revitalizing the communities of northwest Baltimore
Volume 2, Issue 3                                                         May - September 2011

 Wayland Village Senior Apartments
3020 Garrison Boulevard

The moving vans have begun to bring residents to their new home at Wayland Village Senior Apartments.  The first resident began moving in on March 12, 2011.  As of October 21, 2011 there are 108 residents, (72 in 1 bedroom apts, 13 in 2 bedrooms apts) in Wayland Village. Each apartment has a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave and garbage disposal; wall-to-wall carpeting and mini-blinds; individually-controlled heating and air conditioning. The building has laundry facilities; spacious community rooms; arts & craft areas; a fitness center; senior wellness center; hospitality suite for overnight guests and much more.  Wayland Village is conveniently located near public transportation.

Wayland Village Dedication CeremonyThe Wayland Village Dedication was held on May 20, 2011. All of the planning and preparation paid off with a successful event.   Dignitaries from local, state and federal levels were in attendance.  Mayor Rawlings- Blake, Comptroller Pratt, Councilwoman Green-Middleton,   Delegates Rosenberg, McFadden, Senator Gladden, Congressman Cummings and Senator Cardin were in attendance for this historic and exciting occasion. The President of Enterprise Community Properties - Chickie Grayson, CEO of Bon Secours- Dr. Samuel Ross, Rev. Hoffman F. Brown, 3rd, Pastor of Wayland Baptist Church, and President of the WBC Community Development Corporation were also present.  Twelve members of the WBC CDC Board of Directors were present.

Distinguished Visitors to Wayland VillageDuring the months of February and March, Board President, Laurence F. Campbell conducted tours of Wayland Village Senior Apartments with the following persons:

·         U.S. Senator Ben Cardin
·         U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings
·         Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake
·         Baltimore City Council President, Bernard “Jack” Young
·         Baltimore City Comptroller, Joan M. Pratt
·         Baltimore City Housing Director, Paul Graziano
·         MD 41st District Senator, Lisa Gladden
·         MD 41st District Delegate Samuel “Sandy” Rosenberg
·         6th District Councilwoman, Sharon Green Middleton
·         Baltimore City Office of Real Estate, Walter Horton
·         MD Community Development Administration Deputy Secretary, Frank B. Coakley
·         MD Community Development Administration Deputy Director, William Ariano, Jr.
·         MD Community Development Administration Deputy Director, John Maneval
·         Baltimore Field Director of HUD, Carol Payne


Senior Wellness Center
The Senior Wellness Activity Program (S.W.A.P.),which is a partnership endeavor of the WBC CDC, and is supported by the Maryland Dept of Aging and the Baltimore Health Department, for the past year had been meeting in the multipurpose room of Wayland Baptist Church.  The S.W.A.P. volunteers receive lunch three day a week from the Eating Together Program from the Baltimore Health Department. They  serve a hot lunch to program participants and provide a variety of activities designed to stimulate physical, social, educational and spiritual well-being for seniors.  We are pleased to report that this program has moved to its new location at Wayland Village Senior Apartments, Senior Wellness Center. 

In addition, bolstered by a memorandum of understanding between the WBC CDC and the Helene Fuld School of Nursing of Coppin State University to provide a nurse practitioner for the residents of Wayland Village and an agreement from Kernan Hospital to provide the services of their aquatic therapy pool, there is considerable excitement about the senior wellness center.  


The Mayor’s “Vacants to Value” SummitMembers of the WBC CDC board attended Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s “Vacants to Value” Summit on February 10, 2011 held at the Baltimore Convention Center and have been attending monthly update meetings each month.  This all day event focused on what Baltimore City will do to address the impact of vacant and abandoned housing in our communities.  We are pleased to know that our plan for neighborhood stabilization aligns with that of Baltimore City.

Greater Northwest Development RoundtableWe continue to participate in the meetings of the Greater Northwest Development Roundtable (Friends of Forest Park, Central Forest Park Neighborhood Assoc., Howard Park Civic Assoc., Project Garrison, Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center, Garwyn Oaks United Neighbors, and Forest Park Golf Course Assoc).  Some of our initiatives include assisting in developing a new mini-Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (S.N.A.P.) for the northwest corridor; including establishing a new supermarket in Howard Park; acquisition of Garrison Woods complex and developing economic strategies to enhance the quality of life.

Garwyn Oaks Northwest Housing Resource Center

HOUSING WORKSHOPSThe WBC CDC has hosted a Home Buying Workshop for  Garwyn Oaks Northwest Resource Center  (GO Northwest), a HUD certified, nonprofit housing counseling agency that provides homeownership education, counseling, technical assistance and access to homeownership resources to equip and prepare people to obtain, maintain and retain their homes successfully.   We believe that homeownership is the best vehicle for creating neighborhood stabilization---rental housing also plays a role.  By partnering with GO Northwest, we provide a seamless transition from acquisition to rehab to homeownership education/counseling and finally to homeownership. 

Neighborhood StabilizationIn keeping with our plan for stabilizing housing in the Forest Park community, the WBC CDC is moving to complete rehab of 3917 Fairview Ave. RFQ’s were sent out and three credible replies were received and one contractor was selected. Applications to lending institutions are begin forwarded. Discussions are also being made with Baltimore City housing to establish a CHDO as a part of the WBC CDC.

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